Undelete Empty Trash on Mountain Lion

Have you ever sent any file to Mountain Lion trash bin and then accidentally you emptied the trash. Like every versions of Mac Mountain Lion also has a trash bin. After that you realized that the deleted files was an important file and which was not to be deleted. Now you are just thinking for the way by which you can undelete empty trash . Every Mac user knows that all the files sent to Mac trash bin is recoverable. But here the situation is different as you have deleted the file from trash bin also. After that only one thing you will do is that you will panic and regret that why you have deleted the file. But now you don’t need to be panic or regret as you can recover your deleted files from Mountain Lion’s trash bin. Once you delete any file from your computer is goes to trash bin which you can restore it from the trash to the place from where it has been deleted but if you have deleted it from the trash bin then you will have to employ a good recovery tool to recover the deleted files which has been deleted from trash.

Moreover when file is deleted from the trash bin then it is not deleted permanently only the index number of the file is deleted and the space is marked as free. So if you want to recover the deleted file then you have to stop using the drive or the device being used further. Because once the deleted file is overwritten by any other file then the recovery is not possible as after that the file will be lost forever. So in order to undelete empty trash you will have to employ a data recovery tool like Trash Mac Recovery Software. It is capable to recover all types of deleted data from Mac X OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). It is build with a strong algorithms of data recovery with a simple user interface you don’t have to be an expert in computers in order to operate the software.

Features of Trash Mac Recovery Software

  •  Recovers all the deleted data from Mac X OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Can recover the data irrespective of the reason of the data loss.
  • Recovery process is quick
  • Compatible with all the versions of Mac
  • It provides guaranteed retrieval of lost video files, audio files , image files or any documentary file
  • Compatible with various file systems and file types
  • Allows user to save data to their specific location

Trash Mac Recovery Software is also available as trail version which you can get online. With the trial version only you can see the preview of the deleted file but you cannot save it at your desired location. For that you will have to purchase the licensed version of it. After that you can easily undelete empty trash you deleted file easily.

User Guide for Trash Mac Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install Mac Trash Recovery Software.

Step 2: Select the Drive from which the file has been deleted

Step 3: Select the required file

Step 4: Click on the “scan” to start the scanning

Step 5: Set your desired path for the recovered files

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