Restore Deleted Trash File on iMac

Have you trashed your important iMac’s data? Are you got worried or regreating about unknowingly deletion? Willing to restore deleted trash file on iMac? Well, if you are of the opinion that, once your data got deleted then it can’t be recovered back & has been lost permanently. Then, you are totally mistaken and need to clear your concept. Actually, the data don’t get permanently deleted, only its index file gets deleted. As a result Mac OS X fails to access it. This is where you need to be careful and have some precautionary measures. Otherwise all your iMac file become completely inaccessible, which will be really terrible experience for you. Thus, without wasting any more time, just come to the point where the need to restore deleted trash file on iMac is necessary.



Apart from that, have you ever think why such cumbersome situation takes place? Well, we provide you with the complete information regarding why such sort of data loss scenario takes place. After several research in the field of data recovery, the experts comes to the conclusion that there are numerous of reasons for the occurrence of such devastating issues. Unintentional formatting of hard drives, malware intrusion, accidental deletion, etc are some of the possible causes responsible for deletion of iMac trash file. But, the road don’t stops here, human are the prominent responsible for the emergence of such cumbersome situation of data loss. Generally, users presses wrong button, which trashed all your important data. Thus, be cautious while performing any manual deletion. Furthermore, users also faces several erroneous situation while accessing these corrupted data. Here below is given some of the commonly generated error messages while accessing the damaged data.

Error Message Encountered When Stored iMac Data Got Deleted

  • “Unable to mount requested file”
  • “Fails to access the data”
  • “0X004080677 Synchronization error”
  • “File format not found”
  • “Unable to locate the requested file”
  • “Memory out of bound”

What to do next? Have you any idea? No, wait, because you can still be able to restore deleted trash file on iMac, if you have a backup. but, generally it has been found that users fails to have any backup or even the backup gets corrupted. At this juncture, it is better to opt for some powerful and reliable recovery software which were easily available in the market. Mac trash recovery is one among them which act as a boon in such devastating situation of data loss. By using this advance data recovery software one can easily be able to retrieve all  lost or corrupted iMac files & photos. Beside that, it also offer various renounced features which the users look to have.

Salient Feature of Trash Mac Recovery Software

  • The tool offer remarkable scanning algorithm to retrieve lost mac data
  • Highly equipped with all the latest technology that offer fast & safe recovery option
  • Easy to use interface
  • Support various file format
  • Provide the facility to save the recovered file at the desired location
  • Offer preview of the recovered file in a 3-pane view
  • Compatible with all Mac OS X version such as iMac, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.6,etc.

Steps to Retrieve iMac trash file

Step 1: Download and install Mac Trash Recovery Software.


Step 2: Select the desired volume from which the required file got crashed.


Step 3: Select the desired file from the volume.


Step 4: Click the “scan” button to start the scanning process.


Step 5: After completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files are displayed. Select the proper location where you want to stored these recovered file.



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