Mac Intermediate Trash Directory – & How to Recover Permanently Trashed Files

Trash, is one of those folder on the Mac dock where deleted items are temporarily stored before the same is deleted permanently from the system. Any file, folder that is dragged onto trash bin disappears & is deemed to be lost. Right upon deleting a file accidentally, users can undo the very action & safely retrieve any files required. However, this is only true for cases no further action has been performed on the users system. All other cases would arise the need to restore files from mac trash.

The same applies for all system used applications & removable drives plugged in or attached to Mac OS X. The one we are talking of here is that of Photo Booth, which comes with in-built iSight camera or say webcam and is meant for capturing photos & videos. Any file so captured can be viewed, mailed, imported to other application say iPhoto & used as and when required. Though, reliability & ease of the application in no way does eliminate odds of accidental file deletion in any case.

Taking into consideration, one such instance -when while viewing photos from photo booth, user accidentally presses ‘X’ button. Other instances as such may be that deleting files from its original location, thinking that it wont be removed from photo booth & alike. Emptying trash in these instance is likely to cause issues with recovery. However, so far the case of photo booth is concerned the deleted items passes through Mac Intermediate Trash Directory, before it is actually trashed.

Though the case of Mac Intermediate Trash Directory is only applicable to cases when the application or the system has not been restarted, after the very instance of deletion took place. The actual location for the same is Р/private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/ Once the program is restarted, any file that was previously saved on intermediate directory is cleaned, following which recovery could only be done provided valid updated backup is available or with the help of alternative recovery utilities available for mac trash undelete.

Mac Data Recovery Software helps undelete trash mac files lost or deleted due to any reason all easily & efficiently by scanning for & locating the same for easy restore back on its place. The application complies with all versions of Mac OS X Lion 10.7, 10.6 Snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, Tiger 10.4, 10.3.9 Panther etc with its advanced scanning technique & easy GUI Interface.

User Guide – How to Restore Mac Files Using Mac Undelete App

Step 1: After having the application installed on your system, execute it from the short cut icon.

Step 2: From the list of storage media’s shown, the one from which recovery is required to be done needs to be selected.

Step 3: From the list of the file format, the ones to be recovered need to be marked, the ‘+’, ‘-‘ option provides with the option of removing or adding particular files needed.

Step 4: Then, Click the Scan button so as to get the scanning process started

Step 5: Preview window shown at the time of scanning completion, lists all recoverable file items. The required ones need to be selected & saved at destination required.


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