How to Retrieve Deleted files From Apple Trash

apple trash recoveryMany Mac users nowadays are in such a hurry that when they have to delete some files to make extra hard disk space. They make the selection recklessly in which some in which some important files may be included. These files go to the Apple trash but they immediately empty it without checking the content. If the Auto empty trash option is enabled then the trash will be emptied without notifying the user. They later realize that some of their important file are missing and they are unable to find it anywhere. If you are in the same situation then you must be wondering how to retrieve deleted files from Apple trash. The trash application provides an option to restore all the deleted files before being emptied but you empty it the files can not be recovered by usual method.

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You can restore the deleted files if you have any updated back up available with you. There is also an in built back up utility in Apple Mac called Time machine. It automatically saves a copy of important files to an external hard disk called time capsule after a certain interval of time. You can check it it can recover deleted trash file. You can also search the online back up service iCloud provided by Apple if you have uploaded the the deleted files earlier. But you don’t always have a back up so you have to retrieve the deleted files using a recovery tool.

The files deleted from the Apple trash can be retrieved because it still remains on he hard disk until it is overwritten by the any new file. So make sure that you start the recovery process as soon as possible to prevent them from being deleted permanently. The best tool for Apple trash recovery is Mac trash recovery software. It will scan the Apple drive for any deleted data regardless of their file format and show them in the preview. You can now select the files you require and save them by providing the path of the location. The software can be handled by any normal user so download it and retrieve all the files from Mac trash.

Mac Trash Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install Mac trash recovery software and run it on your system.

Step 2 : Choose the drive from where the files were deleted.

Step 3 : Select the file type of the deleted files.

Step 4 : Choose the scan method and start the scan.


Step 5 : Select he location where you want to save the recovered deleted files.


download Mac trash recovery software

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