How to Restore Trash Bin on Mac

restore emptied trash MacDespite of the fact that Mac provides great security to stored data, however sometimes you would have to face file losing situation due to various reasons. Consider a scenario wherein you save your important document on Mac. But while making some free space on hard drive you remove unwanted files from it and simultaneously deleted those files from trash bin folder as well. After that you realize that removed files included your precious file too which is saved earlier on Mac for further use and then you regret on mistake. This is an example of file losing from trash apart from there could be several cases for data loss after emptied trash that are discussed below. But the good news is you can restore trash bin on Mac.

restore emptied trash Mac 

Common File Loss Scenarios from Trash

  • By clicking on empty trash which may turns you to severe data loss.
  • Erasing file from trash without checking it is the usual action performed by many of us.
  • When “Auto Trash” option is ON that also leads to empty trash once restarting the system.
  • Due to selecting the ‘command+ shift+delete’ option while file deletion etc.

Precautionary Measures

  • Do not remove the file from trash carelessly.
  • Always before deleting the file be sure about it.
  • Disable the auto trash option.
  • Ignore the shortcut command combination for emptying the trash.

Best Way to Recover File after Emptying Trash Bin on Mac

Well, if you removed data from trash then it does not mean at all that the lost file is irrecoverable. You can restore the missing data from trash because the actual content of file is still present on Mac hard drive. It is possible to restore the deleted data through either updated backup or by opting third party tool. Even though Mac offers facility to create backup of file, but it has reported that people failed to take the backup or unable to restore the backup due to somehow or the other. But do not worry! because Mac trash recovery software comes to rescue. It is an eminent solution to restore emptied trash Mac. This tool recovers every type of lost file from emptied trash with no hassle.

Steps to Restore Trash Bin on Mac

Step 1 :  Download and install the Mac trash recovery software first.

restore emptied trash mac

Step 2 :  Then select the volume to be restored.

restore emptied trash mac

Step 3 :  Now choose the file types which you want to recover.

restore emptied trash mac

Step 4 :  You can see the scanning result through preview.

restore emptied trash mac

Step 5 :  Eventually, select the location for storing of recovered files.

restore emptied trash Mac restore emptied trash Mac

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