Get Back Trashed File from Mac Snow Leopard

Deletion of Mac files is not a new issue. But, now you don’t have to be worried! As here you will get complete information on how to get back trashed file from Mac Snow Leopard? Well, the most easy and simple steps in this regard is through the use of backup files. But, in case you haven’t created any backup, then in such situation opting for third party Mac Trash recovery software is the best and easy solution. However, apart from accidental deletion, can you know why the stored Mac files gets Trashed? If you don’t know the exact reasons then, go through this post.


Reasons Due to Which Mac File Gets Trashed.

  • Software conflict.
  • File system corruption.
  • Installation of some untrusted third party software.
  • Abrupt termination of Mac Snow Leopard.
  • Hardware issue.

Method to Rescue Trashed Files from Mac Snow Leopard

As mentioned above, backup is an effective and reliable way to rescue Trashed files. But, in case of its unavailability, user’s have to make use of third party Mac Trash recovery software. Its highly reliable recovery feature really proves to be boon for the Mac users. Apart from better recovery feature, the tool also provide an easy and simple interface. Through which one can easily be able to rescue the problem. So, what are you waiting for just download and install it to restore Trashed file from Mac Snow Leopard.

Working Steps

Step 1: Download and install Mac Trash recovery software.


Step 2: Choose the appropriate drive from which the stored Mac file gets deleted.


Step 3: Now you have to select the type of the files from the list and if the file is not available then you need to + or – for the adding or removing the files .


Step 4: Now select the scan option.

Step 5: After the completion of the scanning process you will be shown its preview and then save all the files at their specified location.



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